Monday, March 14, 2016

Our New Sandpit

Children in Room 5 can't wait to play in the new sandpit!
Today a concrete truck came to school.  It delivered the concrete to make the new path going to the hall.  The concrete coming out of the truck was wet and sloppy and it was noisy.  Some children's Dad's were working hard, filling the wheelbarrows with concrete and then tipping it out onto the path.  Then they flattened it out to make a smooth path.  We would like to thank all the people that have helped to make the new sandpit and we can't wait to use it!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Earthquake Drill

After Christchurch having an earthquake on the weekend, we decided it was important for us to know what we need to do if there is an earthquake at school.  So we had a practice.

If there is an earthquake at school while we are in class we have to ....

  • STOP
  • DROP and
  • HOLD
When Miss Long shouts EARTHQUAKE  we have to....

Stop what we are doing straight away!

Drop down under the nearest table and make the turtle safe position (Turtle safe position is where you crouch down with your knees pulled up tight with one arm across your head and neck)

We have to hold onto the leg of the table with our other hand so the table can not move away from over top of us during the shaking of the earthquake.

A New Year in Room 5


11th February 2016

Hello From Room 5

We have started the year with six children in Room 5.  Although this number will grow quite quickly as our 4 year olds turn 5.  All the children are very happy to be here and are enthusiastic to learn new things.

Things we enjoy doing at school are......

"I like doing reading and eating my lunch" said Bella.

"I like playing in the sandpit in our class and playing outside" said Levi.

"I like doing maths activities" said Xander.

"I like drawing" said Anika. 


We go swimming every day after lunch.

We are learning to 

  • get into the pool safely.
  • learning to put our head under the water.
  • walking and running through the water, forwards and backwards
  • hold onto the bar, with our chest in the water and our arms straight, and kicking our legs.
  • getting used to splashing water on our own heads and getting our hair wet. 

Monday, July 20, 2015


Today we did bowling in Room 6 with Michelle. She taught us how to hold the little bowling balls in our hands like an apple. The ball was heavy and hard. We had to roll it to Jack, the small, white ball. We had to try to get our balls as close to Jack as we could. Robbie hit Jack with his big ball. Khobi got his ball right beside Jack. We all loved playing bowls and can't wait to play it next week.

Monday, June 29, 2015

In our garden

We went to visit our garden today and we found that our pumpkin was as flat as a pancake. It looked all wrinkly and was covered in spots. Lots were black, some were orange and there were even red spots. The pumpkin felt all slimy and mushy. We thought it looked disgusting and gross. We think there are going to be lots of new pumpkin plants in Spring.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mulitiplication and division

Today we videoed some of our Maths lesson to show our Mum's and Dad's how clever we are getting at our 2 times tables and our beginning understanding of divided by. We hope you find these videoes helpful.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tobias' toe nail

Tobias' older brother accidentally opened a door on to Tobias' big toe. His toe nail cracked open on the side and it bled. The toe nail died and it started coming off. When  it came off Tobias brought it to school and showed Room 4. Ms Jones put the nail under the digital microscope. We could see all of the yucky stuff on the toe nail because the microscope made the toe nail look bigger. Luckily Tobias is now growing a new toenail and it doesn't hurt anymore.